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Brands Hatch Track Evening a great success

The first track event of the year was held at Brands Hatch on Thursday 20th April and what a great event it was. Forty five drivers enjoyed a great evening, with good weather and a lovely friendly atmosphere. A goodly number of R20 London Region members came out to Brands Hatch to socialize and enjoy the event.

The Club's Track Days have filled quickly this year and following the Brands...

Two Track Days to go in 2016

We have run our last Goodwood Track Day of the year and what a glorious day it was. A fully booked day, held in brilliant sunshine, with an amazing array of Porsches enjoying the terrific Goodwood circuit.

We have two more days left in 2016. Castle Combe on 27th October and Oulton Park International Circuit on 11th November. There are a few places still available for each day, but you...

Take up for Track Days Very Strong in 2016

This year's Porsche Club Track Day has seen a big boost in bookings compared with recent years.

Having run seven days so far this year, each of them has been fully booked, with us as having to turn down bookings before the day, as they were full. In recent years this was becoming the case with Goodwood days, but this has now extended to include almost all of the days.


Porsche Club Track Days going well

The Club's first four Track Days of 2016 have been very well supported. The Goodwood days are booking up, with places only available on the final day in October.

The days at Knockhill near Dunfermline and our first Castle Combe Track Day were both full and a great time has been had by all drivers involved.

We have updated the Galleries for each of these days. If you are...

Oulton Park - Our Final Track Day of 2015

The last Porsche Club Track Day of 2015 was held at the beginning of November at Oulton Park on the long International Circuit.

Although a little overcast at the beginning of the day, the weather proved to be warm and dry all day long. We had fewer drivers booked on the day than we would have hoped for, but we had just enough to allow the day to cover its costs.

For those who...

Silverstone a great success - one day to go

Last weekend 36 Porsche Club members were booked to take part in a Track Day on the Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit. In parallel with the Track Day, an auction of Porsches and Porsche Memorabilia was being run by Silverstone Auctions.

Run in the new 'Wing Complex' and based in the Grand Prix Pits, the day was fully booked and all of the Porsche Club members and their guests we...

Places available at Brands Hatch and Croft Track Days

This Friday - 18th September - sees the Club's one and only Track Day at Brands Hatch on the Indy circuit. The Indy circuit is always popular with Club members. Although short in length, it has a unique combination of slow and fast corners, tricky cambers and downhill swoops.

This day will run from 9.00am to 5.00pm and for most of the day it will run 'Open-Pitlane'.

We will run...

Price for Silverstone GP circuit announced

The price for the Club's involvement in the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit track day on Sunday 25th October has been anounced at £345. This is a reduction on the usual Silverstone price.

Included in the day will be garage space, plus (for the driver) a lunch at the Silverstone Porsche Driving Experience. Anybody who has experienced the Porsche lunch will know this is a...

All Model Types Welcome on Porsche Club Track Days

The Porsche Club's Track Days have seen a strong increase in the level of bookings, with the first four days being fully booked.

Just as important is the broad spread of model types being used on the days. The most recent day at Goodwood saw a couple of firsts - the first 918 model on one of our days, but also the first 959 in use on a Club Track Day. Alonside these, there was also...

Knockhil Track Day a huge success - Anglesey next

The Porsche Club's first ever Track Day at Knockhill Circuit in Scotland, was held on Saturday 9th May and was a huge success.

This was the first time we had run a day at Knockhill, just North of Edinburgh. We had tried once before, but on that occasion there was insufficient support to run the day, but this time was very different. With the support of Porsche Centre Glasgow, we...