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Sold: 911 SC - Speed Championship Class 2 winning car - £35,000 - Sold

For Sale: 911 SC - Speed Championship Class 2 winning car - £35,000

Chassis:                911 SC LHD (1979)

Engine:                 3.4 (Carrera 3.2 based)

Power:                 250 bhp

VIN / Chassis:    9119301195

Engine No:          63G04596

Weight:                1140kg

The car was originally registered in Holland and over the years has had several owners. To my knowledge it has always been a race car. Over the ten years that I have owned it I have competed in both the UK Porsche Club & Speed Championships. The chassis is in very good condition having been jigged, straightened and strengthened shortly after I first acquired the car and then again in 2013 following extensive rust repairs to door pillars, sills, kidney bowls, rear wheel arches and boot surround. It also has a very strong, full welded-in roll cage. To save weight, it has a fibre glass bonnet, fibre glass doors and rear bumper and uses plexiglass in the side a rear windows. I still have the original bonnet, doors and glass for the car.

Servicing work up to 2014 was carried out by Steve Winter and his mechanics at Jaz, originally based in Wembley but now relocated to St. Albans. In 2013 Jaz replaced the SC engine with one based on a Carrera 3.2 block. The Carrera 3.2 engine was completely refurbished and upgraded to include Mahle 3.4 barrels and pistons, lightweight Carillo rods, 964 camshafts, ARP head studs, rod bolts and nuts, new valve guides, racing valves, springs & retainers. The internal crankcase was boat tailed and polished, the crankshaft reground and the flywheel lightened. The engine management system was remapped on the dyno by Wayne Schofield to maximise torque and to a power output of 250bhp, the Class 2 limit in the Porsche Club Speed Championship. The engine was refitted into the SC with solid mounts. Including the cost of the 3.2 engine, this work cost around £20K. After Adrian Rowlands took the car on to race it in 2016, subsequent servicing work has been carried out by Unit 11.


  • The car is currently fitted with Bilstein suspension, but also has a set of JRZ double adjustable race dampers (purchase cost £4k) that were used when the car competed in the Club Championship. These dampers were refurbished after the season and have been not been used since.
  • The gearbox is a standard 915 box with solid mounts, but has been fitted with a Seine gate shift kit to improve the precision of gear changes, particularly when the car is loaded through corners, and to reduce the risk of selecting a wrong gear and damaging the engine (a common problem in these older cars).
  • There are two boot lid options for the car which are relatively easy to switch over for different uses. The flat-tail boot lid provides additional down force and stability on higher speed circuits whereas the simple boot lid provides minimal air resistance, making the car sleeker and very good looking!
  • Set of original Fuchs 7 & 8 x15 wheels. There are other sets of wheels for the car too which could be included in the negotiated sale price.
  • The car is fitted with standard SC brakes improved with cooling ducts directing air from vents in the front spoiler through to the front disk assemblies.
  • Other equipment includes electronic ignition and remote engine cut-off, fire extinguisher, timing transponder, high vis rear light / fog light, Momo steering wheel, driver cooling fan.
  • The car is also fitted with a Racelogic Video Vbox system and head up display to show predictive and actual lap times, splits, lap deltas, etc. but this would not be included in the basic car sale price.
  • The car is road legal  with MOT certification.

Competition Results

  • 2009: Third place overall Class 3 PCGB Speed Championship (Driver: Tim Barber)
  • 2010: Overall winner Class 3 PCGB Speed Championship (Driver: Tim Barber)
  • 2011: Competed in four rounds of the PCGB Club Championship, winning a couple of 2nd places in Class 2. (Driver: Tim Barber)
  • 2013: Overall winner Class 2 PCGB Speed Championship (Driver: Tim Barber)
  • 2015: 2nd equal Class 2 PCGB Speed Championship (Driver: Tim Barber) – Car suffered with a few transmission issues this season
  • 2016: Overall winner Class 2 PCGB Speed Championship (Driver: Adrian Rowlands)

Not used for competition in 2012, 2014 or 2017

For more information please call or email Tim Barber

(M) 07973 115187