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Gurston Down Abandoned - all to play for at Final Round

Heavy rain was forecast and there was a collective hope that this would not arrive until late morning. Sadly, and rather predictably as the Porsche’s readied themselves for the first practice the rain started. The conditions proved to be very different from Saturday with slower times. In the timed runs the conditions had deteriorated further with standing water in places. In the road class Robert found the lower part of the hill challenging, but recovered enough speed in the top half to set the fastest time 43.38 seconds. Simon found the opposite to Robert, being quick on the lower part of hill but setting a slightly slower time overall of 43.96 seconds. Christian understandably found that controlling 520 Bhp on road tyres in the wet was a challenge. He set a time of 44.02 seconds to take third place. Richard still learning the course took 4th place.

In the race class Paul, Bob and Phil were the remaining drivers. Paul set the pace with an impressive 38.60 second time. Bob once again demonstrating he can extract great performance from the early car was second with a 41.66 second time, followed by Phil who struggled to put the power down in the 930RS, with a time of 45.86 second run.

Even with the stoicism of the marshals, and the excellent organization of the BARC at Gurston Down, shortly after the Porsche class the remainder of the meeting was abandoned due to dangerous conditions.