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Castle Combe next on the Track Day schedule

Thia week sees the Club's second Castle Combe Track Day of the year.

As with all of the Track Days this year, the take-up has been very good. The online booking system has allowed Club members to make their bookings when it suits them and to have the booking confirmed almost instantly. This has meant that most of the days have filled very quickly.

However, circumstances change and occasionally Club members have to cancel. This usually happens close to an event, but it does mean that sometimes a day that was full may have a few spaces become available at short notice. So if you fancy doing a day, it may be worth a telephone call to Club office - 01608 652911 - even at short notice.

Our next day after Castle Combe is Snetterton 300 on Wednesday 26th June. There are currently a couple of spaces available on this day, so it would be worth getting a booking in quickly.