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Porsche Club Track Days... Booking Form and Description

Porsche Club Track Days

The full calendar of Porsche Club Track Days and a downloadable booking form can be found on the Home page of this site  - simply scroll down the page to the block of dates that are headed 'Porsche Club Track Days'

The Porsche Club Track Days are organised to reflect the number of Club drivers who are new to track days and are 'learning the ropes'. As a result, we book  fewer cars on the day than you would find on many commercial track days. This reduces traffic on track, queing to get on track and provides for a safer, more relaxed environment. 

In addition, you will be sharing track time with Club members who share your passion for Porsche and see their Porsche as their pride and joy.

This gives everybody confidence they will be on track with people who respect their car and others who drive simlar cars.

Three of our days this year will be on a Saturday as, despite expressions of support they tend to be less well supported than weekdays. All of our days will be run to a static noise limit of 105dbA, Our evening event at Brands Hatch in May is run to 102dbA, to avoid upsetting the neighbours. This means this eventt is not suitable for Cayman GT4's and possibly 991 GT3's. Our day at Donington Park in July is run to an unlimited noise level and can accommodate any model with any exhaust.

We are able to send Track Day dates to those who request them, by e-mail. To subscribe, simply complete the little panel to the left, advising which disciplines are of interest.