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Regulations and Entry Forms - updated for 2019 season

A synopsis
The Porsche Club Championship is open to competitors in current or recent production model Porsches. Permitted modifications are few and are generally related to safety matters including the fitment of roll cages, removal of interior trim and passenger seats, or certain changes for improved longevity. Bodywork must remain largely as original and the silhouette of the car must be as standard for the model.

Engines and engine components must remain as fitted when standard and regular power checks are carried out on selected cars on a rolling road. No modifications are permitted to the transmission and all gear ratios must remain standard.

Standard suspension units may be fitted with plastic or nylon bushes and shock absorbers are free subject to them fitting on the original mounting points. Springs are free. Brakes must be standard although linings and fluid are free. Wheels may be of any make but, of course, must be fitted with the Championship 'Control tyre'.

A minimum weight is specified for each car and ballast must be carried where specified and appropriate. The championship organisers review the performance of cars on a regular basis and minimum weights may be altered as a result.

Class structure

Class One
Models including:  993 Carrera,  996 Carrera and 997 C2S models, and 3.4 and Cayman 3.4 models. A full list is shown in the Championship Regulations. The Class One cars are identified by a 'C1' legend on the left side door windew.

Class Two
Models including: Boxster 3.2, 968 CS, 944 S2 models. The 3.6 Carrera (964) may also be used in Class 2. The Class Two cars are identified by a 'C2' legend on the left side window.

Class Three
New from 2019 season, this is a class for Boxster 3.2 S models, built and run by Official Porsche Centres under the 'Restoracing' banner. The cars are more standard than the models that compete in Class 2, being required to use Factory Sport Suspension. All cars are competing on Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R road tyres, as opposed to slicks used in Classes 1 and 2. The Class Three cars are identified by a 'C3' legend on the left side window.

Class Four (reduced Registration Fee)

Models including: Carrera 2,7, Carrera 3.0, Carrera 3.2, 944S2SC, 924 Carrera GT. A fuller list is shown in the championship regulations.

The Class Three cars are identified by a 'C3' legend on the left side window. Both classes are limited to two sets of tyres (Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tyres) in the season, in order to help contain costs in what is a very accessible and cost effective class.

Trophies will be awarded to the first three finishers in each class at each round. For double-header rounds, awards will be presented to the first three in class for each race.

Awards at each meeting are usually presented at the Porsche Club Championship Race Centre as soon after the end of the race as situations allow

Points scoring system
Finishing positions

Points will be awarded to competitors listed as classified finishers as follows. In each class, to the first 14 finishers:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th
25 21 18 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6

Additionally, each competitor will score bonus points equal to the number of starters in the relevant class but not exceeding a maximum of 10, ie 10 starters or more 10 bonus points ( per competitor ), 9 starters 9 bonus points, 8 starters 8 bonus points etc.

To determine the final Championship points total a driver will count his/her total number of points scored from the maximum number of qualifying races, less 2 races. Subject to any disciplinary finding, non scores may be included as lowest scores.

Fastest laps and pole positions

An additional point is awarded for class pole position for each race. The grid for the first race is determined by the competitor's fastest lap in qualifying, the grid for the second race is determined by the competitor's second fastest lap in qualifying.

The driver setting the fastest lap in each class during each race will score one point. If more than one driver sets a joint fastest lap, they will each score one point.

Click here to download the Final 2019 Porsche Club Championship regulations (pdf)

Click here to download a 2019 season Championship registration form (pdf)

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