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Porsche Club Hillclimb Championship

Club Championship GalleriesThe New for 2015 Porsche Club Hillclimb Championship is for those seeking to compete at the highest level of Hillclimbs in Porsches.

Divided into two classes the championship is largely intended for purpose build Hillclimb cars, but can accommodate all sorts. Class 1 is for the most powerul or most heavily modified cars and allows slick tyres to be used with no penalty. Class 2 is for production type cars, using List 1A or List 1B tyres.

The Championship will run over six rounds, each of which will be a two-day event, with the exception of the final round at Prescott, which is a high-profile single day meeting.

In 2015 the Championship will take in the UK's premier Hillclimb venues at Shelsley Walsh, Loton Park, Harewood, Wiscombe Park, Gurston Down and Prescott.

Howells Excels in Wet at Epynt

We had a smaller than hoped for turnout for this event, partly due to a busy schedule of events coupled with a few mechanical breakdowns.

Of the Porsches competing we had Paul Howells in his trusty 911 RSR, popping and banging like the old competition car it is, but oh so quick. He was accompanied by Andy Norris in his 1980s 911 fitted with a large supercharger and which sounded just...

Howells and Lancaster-Gaye class winners at Shelsley Walsh

Difficult to know where to start; Very mixed weather with heavy showers, interruptions for demonstrations of electric cars and some competitors in more than one championship allowing Robert Lancaster-Gaye, quite legally, twelve runs and all on different numbers each day. All quite baffling!

Saturday practice was again very close competition and with four runs times dropped. Paul Howells...

Andrews and Howells record equal times to share Loton Park win

A very difficult weekend weather wise with lots of showers on Friday and Saturday and it looked as if it would be the same on Sunday but thank goodness it stayed dry.

We welcomed two new contenders, Duncan Andrews with a very smart and highly modified Cayman and Ross McDonald with the most beautiful 911SC which to my old ears sounded quite superb.

First practice runs on Saturday...

Norris takes Class 1 victory at Gurston Down

Gurston Down Hillclimb 27th & 28th May 2017

With three practice runs on Saturday and starting in early batches we hoped all the runs would be complete before the rain appeared.

The first runs were testing the surface which looked damp but the second run before lunch saw some more serious times in the Modified Class P1 with Andy Norris leading with 35.67 followed closely by...

First round - Wiscombe Park Hillclimb - 22nd & 23rd April 2017

First we had a big welcome to the new members competing in the championship, David Hilton and Tim Barber sharing a 996 GT3 previously owned by Peter Turnbull and Phil Price with a fearsome looking 930 turbo, all experienced Hillclimbers.

Wiscombe looked superb and I am sure has never been so dry for the whole weekend. It was a great start to the season although the first climbs were,...

Paul Howells sews up Hillclimb Championship

The final round of the Porsche Club National Hillclimb Championship was held at Prescott on 1st October.

Decidedly inclement weather made for very tricky conditions as the Hillclimb Championship joined the Porsche Club Speed Championship for their final round at this prestigious meeting. With a very strong entry, there was a large display of Porsches.

This was a one day event...

One Hillclimb Round To Go

This was our second visit to Loton Park as it is very well liked by competitors although some admit it is difficult to learn. The weather was unpredictable as it started wet on Saturday morning but quickly dried out, but it kept threatening to rain and some were heads down looking at the apps on their mobile phones and presumably praying for the sun to shine.

Saturday saw three runs...

Howells continues his winning streak

There was a smaller entry for this event as many were on holiday or had other family events. We arrived on Friday in hot sun and a beautiful day.
Saturday morning was dry but overcast and with rain forecast. All our contestants managed two dry runs before the rain started except for poor Peter Turnbull who forgot to replace the bonnet pins after scrutineering. Before he reached the...

Championship Hotting up after Wiscombe Hillclimb

Following a terrible journey down to Devon in heavy rain on a crowded motorway we were rewarded with a super weekend of good weather and close competition. We also had a better entry with only one regular, Mel Spears, preferring to go to Silverstone Classic for the Porsche gathering.
Paul Howells made a slow start and blamed it on not having been to Wiscombe for many years but Jonathan...

Wins for Ayres and Howells at Harewood Hillclimb

With fewer entries for this event due to holidays, business trips and the distance we still retained most of our serious competitors. The drive up to Harewood was much easier on the Thursday and others had the same idea so there was a party on Thursday and Friday evenings.
Saturday was wet and miserable although there were dry spells and the high wind did dry the road surface but times...