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First round - Wiscombe Park Hillclimb - 22nd & 23rd April 2017

First we had a big welcome to the new members competing in the championship, David Hilton and Tim Barber sharing a 996 GT3 previously owned by Peter Turnbull and Phil Price with a fearsome looking 930 turbo, all experienced Hillclimbers.

Wiscombe looked superb and I am sure has never been so dry for the whole weekend. It was a great start to the season although the first climbs were, shall we say, steady. Everyone improved through the day with Paul Howells RSR quickest 43.79 followed by Tim Barber 996 GT3, Peter Turnbull 997 GT3 Cup Car, Andrew Norris 911 Supercharged, David Hilton 996 GT3 and Phil Price 930 Turbo 48.40. Phil was trying to come to terms with the short Hillclimb course after the longer French events he has been used to.

In the road going class we only had two competitors and Robert Lancaster-Gaye with his 997 GT2 who had the advantage of over 200bhp more than Simon Tarling’s 996 GT3.

Sunday was another super day except the weather changed and it became very cold just before the last runs. Everyone improved during the day although Andrew Norris appeared to be on a “Sunday afternoon drive” on his second run as three cylinders were not working and Phil Price made friends with the bank at Sawbench damaging the track rod end.. His problem was soon sorted and there were no other incidents. Peter Turnbull put up a great display on his third run and it looked as if he would win the day but Paul Howells, the last climb of the weekend, put a time of over half a second quicker to claim the win at 42.79. Peter Turnbull was a very creditable second 43.58, Tim Barber was third 43.97, Andrew Norris fourth 44.37, David Hilton fifth 44.69, Phil Price sixth 46.06.

In the road going class Robert Lancaster-Gaye won 43.93 with Simon Tarling second 48.18. in both instances this was remarkable as they loaded their cars and drove them home.

Next meeting Loton Park near Shrewsbury 20th & 21st May 2017.
Terry Davison